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Our services:

  • Application Consulting and Workshops
    You would like to introduce an Atlassian product or are already in the evaluation phase and have questions about the application or the possibilities of the products? We help you to find the best solution for you and answer all your questions about the products and the different applications.
  • Implementation and deployment
    Do you need help implementing applications and introducing Atlassian products to your organization? We help you implement the most effective implementation and roll it out across your organization.
  • Configuration consulting and optimization
    Have you been using Atlassian products for some time and now want to implement new applications or optimize your existing configuration? We help you to introduce new application possibilities with the existing specifications and optimize your configuration wherever it is necessary.

  • You maintain all your knowledge and planning around your business in Atlassian products and now want to check whether this knowledge and planning are secure? We help you to find out how secure your systems are and to increase security as much as possible.
  • Training for users and administrators
    You want to train the users of your Atlassian products in the general application, or in the application of specific implementations in your systems? We help you to train all users sustainably.
    Would you like to train the administrators of your Atlassian products and make them more familiar with the Atlassian products? We help you to teach your administrators all configuration options and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Plugin development
    Do you have special requirements for your Atlassian products that cannot be met with existing plugins? We develop individual plugins for you that provide the required functions and update them for each update you perform.
  • License Sales and Management
    You need licenses for Atlassian products or want to renew existing licenses? We offer you the licenses at €-prices and help you with all questions and wishes concerning your licenses.


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Jürgen Dinsing
+49 (0)89 35 86 80-501