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Software Development Center

  • Software development platform at an automobile manufacturer, approx. 15,000 users for Jira and Confluence as well as further tools in software development
  • Use of JIRA in the version Data Center, Confluence and many other systems incl. many intelligently linked plugins
    • Git & Gerrit / Subversion
    • FishEye / Crucible (Code Management / Code Review)
    • Jenkins (CI - Continuous Integration, Build Server)
  • in addition some customer specific extensions have been developed:
    • Integration of all development tools
    • Optimization of configuration management (for use as a software construction kit)
    • Handling of metadata for most artifacts in version management
    • rule-based monitoring of the prescribed project structure
    • flexible user and authorization handling with an own system for internal role & rights management
    • Connection to company SSO (CA SiteMinder) to ensure authentication
    • Some customized AddOns
  • Tasks: Development, Support and Consulting


Contact for

Jürgen Dinsing
+49 (0)89 35 86 80-501


Introduction of Jira at a manufacturer of automotive pumps

  • For various processes in the area of project management, excel-based sheets were used at the customer. These sheets are to be replaced by Atlassian systems that map the functionalities precisely.
  • These functions are:
    • Project planning taking into account the capacity in the teams and resources
    • project execution
    • comprehensive project management
    • Monitoring and reporting of progress in projects
    • tabular and graphical support of planning, execution, monitoring and monitoring of projects
    • Resource and capacity planning
  • Targets are:
    • Transparency in the planning and execution of projects
    • Clarity about the use of available resources
    • simple implementation of any necessary extensions

Support and further processes with Jira at the National Bank

With the introduction of Atlassian Tools, in particular Jira ServiceDesk, a modern and future-proof solution is introduced that is easy to use for users. The following objectives will be pursued:

  • introduce a unified solution for all IT support processes,
    • to significantly increase the transparency of the processing,
    • to increase the usability for the user but also for the support team
    • to implement an adaptable solution that can also be used in the future,
    • to integrate asset management.
  • In addition, the Atlassian tools for the digitization of other processes and tasks will be introduced.
    • forms system
    • facility management
    • Human resources, onboarding and offboarding of employees
    • etc.

In order to be able to optimally implement the digitalization of the processes, Jira had to be integrated into the existing system landscape. Therefore mgm has developed a Common Connector App. This communicates with neighbouring systems via a company-wide REST API.

Knowledge management with Confluence for a development program with approx. 2,000 employees (internal and external)

Consulting on the use of Confluence as a tool for knowledge management under consideration of ISO 9001

Knowledge management covers the entire cycle from definition and generation to preparation, dissemination and use. The aim is therefore to ensure that the information can be found efficiently by means of clear structuring and presentation as well as intuitive operation. Additional functions such as commenting and other interaction options support the achievement of objectives. In the Wiki the documents mentioned above are administered, in addition, a QM manual. The basic principle is that all controlled documents are stored there. In addition, committee resolutions that are binding or minutes from decision-making circles that document important decisions are also stored there. Normal protocols can also be stored in the Wiki, but are not subject to ISO 9001 conformity. In the solution for the new Wiki it is to be considered that contents that have a default character are subject to an ISO-9001-compliant creation and release workflow. For this purpose, there will be a workflow that basically comprises the following statuses: in process, reconciled, checked and released. Attributes such as document class, document control (author, version, approver, verifier), validity area, ... are also managed. The authorizations for changing documents, status, and so on must be set up for specific roles or persons. This is much easier to solve in a Wiki, which is also accessible for partners from outside.

Worldwide implementation of JIRA ServiceDesk at a shipping company with more than 10,000 users for the entire IT support

With the introduction of Jira ServiceDesk, a uniform solution that is easy to use for users is introduced. This is done on the basis of the proof-of-concept carried out at the customer.

Targets are, among other things:

  • introduce a unified solution for all IT support processes,
  • to significantly increase the transparency of the processing,
  • to increase the usability for the user but also for the support team,
  • to implement an adaptable solution that can also be used in the future,
  • to integrate asset management.

Introduction of Jira and Confluence at a consulting company

JIRA and Time Recording: Illustration of the complete project planning, documentation, time recording and performance records with JIRA Software and Confluence

  • Using the Tempo Timesheets add-on
  • Recording of estimated expenses
  • Overview of the workload of employees
  • Recording the work done
  • Report on work performed as proof of performance for customers and for invoicing

ElsterOnline Portal

  • for the customer in the Elster project we have carried out the installation of JIRA and Confluence
  • the number of users is greater than 1,000
  • this implementation includes


  • 80 projects
  • 175 workflows
  • 175,000 tickets


  • 60 global areas
  • 380 personal (project) areas
  • 19,000 pages

Our tasks are:

  • Coordination and execution of installation & updates, configuration & customization
  • Consulting on usage and methodology
  • Development of plugins and other extensions

The use by the customer includes:

  • the management of requirements and tasks
  • the controlling of quality and acceptance processes
  • strategic product management and overall project management
  • Controlling and Communication