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We are specialists for highly scalable web applications that are implemented on the basis of service-oriented, multi-layer architectural concepts.

Basic operational requirements are performance, security and robustness.

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mgm architects design software systems that are designed for large numbers of users and transactions. The goal: a high-performance and highly scalable technical architecture. mgm architects avoid unnecessary ballast and show personally how best to develop. We rely on an agile development methodology with close interlocking of specialists, architects, developers and quality assurance.

Safety and security

For business applications, security is not an optional feature, but a fundamental feature. Accordingly, it must be taken into account at all levels. Our security experts are therefore involved right from the start in the conception and design of architectural solutions. Weak points in the structure of the application and in the code can thus be avoided directly. Our software developers are specially trained and lay the foundation for sustainable security.


A robust architecture prevents outages and ensures smooth operation. We focus on simplicity and appropriateness based on proven technologies. The overall application is broken down into more manageable substructures according to professional and technical criteria so that their dependencies can be recorded. In this process, we are able to speak the language and communicate technical details in an understandable overall context.

Based on the above mentioned operating requirements and experiences, mgm has been developing its own model-driven software architecture A12 since 2012.



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