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A12 is an extensible development platform for web-based business applications. It provides developers with a comprehensive set of secure, scalable, proven components and a client/server application infrastructure. A12 enables business analysts to define large parts of the application themselves using models and convenient tools.


A12 accelerates the creation of web applications and reduces individual development efforts.
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A12 is the result of many years of research and development by mgm in the field of business software. The A12 platform provides tools to model user interfaces and business logic. It also provides a technical environment to bring these models into modern web applications. The result: analysts and business experts can independently create and customize applications without programming effort.

A12 enables analysts to create applications: Create & adapt applications rapidly; Reuse business logic and UI patterns; Reduce custom development

A12 enables analysts to create applications

The basic idea of A12 is to map and encapsulate technical knowledge in models. With the help of a series of powerful tools, analysts and experts from specialist areas can create and modify these models - without having to handle code. This concept significantly reduces individual development effort. It also enables experts to quickly customize applications from a business perspective - a critical competitive factor in a digitalized world with rapidly changing business requirements.

Apps as building blocks

Gallery: A12 Business Apps

The A12 tools and components focus on modeling business processes and documents using a form-based approach. This is because most business transactions are processed via documents in various forms. These include, for example, contracts, order forms and various types of applications. And online forms play a decisive role especially in the digitalization of documents. A12 provides the means to create complex forms with up to thousands of data fields, dependencies, and validation rules and bring them into Web applications.



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