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Java 8 is the programming language of our choice: Version 8 stands for the conflict between downward compatibility (a trademark of Java) and the technical challenge of making a version change compatible with existing libraries and functions. Java 8 provides new impulses in the form of functional programming, the integration of lambda blocks, higher order function features and SAM interfaces.

Javascript has a similar importance on the client side as Java on the server side in our projects. Typescript as a superset of Javascript provides a significantly improved development environment, less error-prone code due to type security and refactoring options. Many features anticipate future Javascript extensions and support our idea of long-lived, future-proof code.


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Lafarge Cement (OPTERRA)

Individual sales deployment planning tailored to customer needs by providing sales quantity-oriented customer values.
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Co-design of a service-oriented development platform as the basis for Postbank's new generation of sales applications




Development of a Java (EJB) application server