With each extension of the functional scope of business-critical applications, the effort for project-related quality assurance increases over time. This leads to the phenomenon in development projects that with advanced maturity of the application a growing part of the development budget has to be used for quality assurance and less and less flows into the implementation of new business processes.

With our quality assurance approach, we succeed in achieving planning security for technical quality assurance without having to accept losses in the quality of an application. It combines the knowledge of current QA concepts and tools with the experience gained from initial development, long-term maintenance and further development of numerous group applications. Our technical quality assurance for software development includes:

  • The joint analysis of the applications with our customer.
  • The drawing up of a catalogue of measures and
  • the implementation / alignment of the chosen concepts and tools.

As a result, we increase the scope of the actual development work in the project.


Our consulting know-how

  • Reviews of quality assurance procedures, processes and landscapes with mgm test classification
  • Test automation, monitoring / tuning of performance-relevant hardware, virtualization of test environments, database problem analysis as well as tuning


Bavarian State Office for Taxes

E-government implemented - Successful implementation of an e-government portal.
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Introduction of a development infrastructure for the in-house development of Java projects.