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Data migration is a structured process for the secure movement of data between different systems. It becomes necessary through organisational changes such as mergers, the replacement of (host-based) legacy systems or the targeted development of data stocks (e.g. data warehouse). Overall, the complexity of migration tasks has increased in recent years, because more and more target systems have to be migrated from a single data source.

We offer customers the migration of data sets on the basis of our migration concept, which is adapted in the project context by our team. In particular, we achieve planning security with our specialist experts, as they are familiar with the specialist data world (reinsurance/insurance, public clients, e-commerce / enterprise resource planning).

Without close cooperation with the specialist departments of our customers, however, the migration projects would not be feasible, which is why a realistic planning basis has to be created for a very large number of project participants.

In migration preparation, we offer the use of our developed data migration tool for data mapping as an alternative to standard tools. During migration implementation, we are experienced in quality assurance (e.g. check digit procedures) and can also reliably perform manual migration steps for complex data areas.



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