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The positive effect in the business defines the project success!

Our work is only successful if it has a positive effect on the business of our customers. Adherence to time and money budgets is a necessary prerequisite for this. The administration of project tasks must never prevent the focus on the operative business, even with large IT projects. In everyday project work, change management in IT projects often means circumventing the limiting factors of technology. Instead, the business is made suitable for IT. Especially in innovation projects, in which grown IT landscapes are consolidated on standard platforms, it is underestimated that over years grown and successful processes - especially in so-called legacy systems - contain business critical knowledge.

Strengthen the IT core competencies of our customers!

We support our customers in building and expanding their IT competencies, which in our opinion should remain with the customer: These are our own business processes. Their mapping into the application landscape as well as business data models and services are examples of a company's very own IT tasks. They may not be surrendered. Therefore it is important to maintain and strengthen the IT solution competence in almost every organization. mgm technology partners sees itself as a partner who strengthens the IT competence of our customers in a cooperation model.

Evolutionary design of large tasks!

The development of software systems involves risky project tasks. mgm technology partners has learned to be modest! We pursue an evolutionary innovation strategy. In cycles of maximum six months, a project must deliver verifiable results, otherwise the objective must be changed or it must be stopped completely. In this way, we avoid irresponsible project risks. Together with our customers, we gain important insights in every small step, with which we rethink and correct the goals of the coming steps.

The bigger the task, the smaller the initial team!

The communication and coordination effort increases exponentially with the number of team members in a project. Especially at the beginning of a big task, when experiences and procedures have to be coordinated with the circumstances in the customer's company, a small team that can learn quickly is critical for success. Only when this core team can define and implement realizable tasks is the time ripe for scaling the project activities.

Living with the complexity of IT!

We have 20 years of experience in developing highly scalable online applications for large organizations. Even if it sounds tempting, but the one, simple IT world is a legend. Instead, the application landscapes of companies are and remain complex and heterogeneous. It is necessary to accept the actual situation and to provide methods that reflect the complexity and do not deny it.

We are practitioners! - Since we know the value of practical experience, we have refrained from diluting the hand-picked quality of every single mgm employee, even in times when one could supposedly acquire additional experience through company acquisitions. Even today, we remain true to this philosophy: We take a lot of time for the selection of personnel, even at the price of a slower company growth in the short term.

Hamarz Mehmanesh

Stop with the fashion themes!

We are committed to protecting our customers from useless fashion issues. Electronic business replaces traditional business and offers growth opportunities. That's why all our efforts must be pooled to enable innovations in the online business world. The following applies to almost all industries: IT is core competence. No company should be led to outsource an essential part of business intelligence. Living with the complexity of IT!