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Duration: 90 min.


Every quality assurance has to find the right balance between quality and costs. This also applies to the concept of very-early testing (VET). With VET, errors in development are systematically detected earlier, so that the development process is less susceptible to errors, especially shortly before the end of the release.
Martin explains how VET can be methodically integrated into software projects and how the necessary degree of test coverage can be defined by efficient representations of the technicality.
At the same time he shows how Quick Wins can be achieved by an intelligent selection of test cases.


Head of Application Development, Quality Manager, Architecture, Project Manager, Engineers


Dr. Martin Varendorff
Dipl. Physiker
mgm Head of Quality Assurance


by mail: Martin Varendorff
by phone: +49 (0) 89 35 86 80 382


Martin is in charge of the cross-sectional quality assurance function and is responsible for the quality of the mgm software across all projects.
His hobbyhorse: Very-Early-Testing, which allows a close interlocking of quality assurance with requirements recording as well as a better understanding of the expertise in the development team to be achieved.

Dr. Martin Varendorff

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