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Duration: 60 min.


Industrial SMEs are an attractive target market in the search for growth areas in industrial insurance. But to what extent is automation possible in a market where risks and prices are assessed individually by industry experts?

In his presentation, Marc Philipp reports that it is possible to market a complex product in need of explanation, "commercial insurance", via an Internet distribution channel via the broker channel. Statistics on the automation and standardization successes achieved are also presented.


Management, Underwriting, Sales, Broker Sales


Marc Philipp Gösswein
Dipl. Business Economist
mgm Management


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Marc Philipp develops the mgm business for insurance companies. The focus is on multi-channel distribution and industrial and commercial business.

Together with its customers, the mgm team could prove in the past years that standardization and sales via the Internet is also possible for complex products.


Interview with Dirk Vernaillen (HDI-Gerling): 'From now on, we are resolutely targeting the middle market as well'. Today, HDI-Gerling is one of the leading Belgian insurers in the field of industrial insurance and international insurance programmes and is strengthening its penetration of the SME segment. Dirk Vernaillen explains why and how HDI-Gerling can also offer tailor-made solutions for the SME market.

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Marc Philipp Gösswein

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