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Duration: 90 min.


Surface design makes sense. Dietmar shows the importance of the efficient design of user interfaces of application and administration systems. For him it is an important part of the requirements analysis and an elementary part of modern software development.

In addition to the theory and the correct methodical embedding into the (agile) software development, Dietmar shows best practices, tools and how these can be used from the first customer contact to the realization.


Project Manager, Analysts, IT Coordination, E-Commerce Manager


Dietmar Schmidt
Dipl. Designer
mgm Graphic artist


by mail: Dietmar Schmidt
by phone: +49 (0) 89 35 86 80 757


Dietmar has the unique talent to combine software functionality with an optimal user experience. With this toolbox and his 15 years of experience in the design of software interfaces and user guidance, he is a sought-after service provider for every mgm project manager.

Dietmar Schmidt

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