mgm rates its success by the success of its customers

3,000 branches, 20,000 products, 1.5 million orders

mgm develops software for people

e-government applications for more than 22 million people

mgm understands industrial insurance

Sales & underwriting. 100% digital.

We bring applications into production!
mgm has been developing web applications for more than two decades
for commerce, insurance and the public sector: highly scalable, secure, robust.
More than 500 colleagues represent our mission:
Innovation Implemented by mgm.

Our Sectors



We see commerce as an individual, high-speed business. And are prepared for just that, be it B2B or B2C. Our team has been helping customers to transfer their business models to the Internet for the past 15 years.
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Our professional software engineers support well-known insurance companies, brokers and underwriters and provide innovative assistance in further developing business-critical application systems.
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Public Sector

More than 20 million citizens in Germany and more than five million companies use mgm software. We have ten years’ experience of working with public institutions to bring application systems into production.
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Some of our customers

We rate our success by the number of systems brought into production and by their contribution toward our customers’ business success. Learn more about our customers and projects:
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mgm products and solutions

Our product portfolio includes a range of tried-and-trusted software solutions that are used in a variety of sectors. All products cover central functionalities for their specific area of application and can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.
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mgm software development and crosscutting functions

We develop highly scalable, integrable and secure online applications. Interdisciplinary teams ensure that subjects such as web security are taken into account from the outset. Across different projects we rely on tried and trusted approaches that are continuously tested, synchronised and further developed.
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