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Model-driven software engineering based on the A12 Enterprise Low Code Platform

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mgm Cosmo AI Suite: The first AI solution for industrial insurance


Q12-TMT: Efficient Test Management for Software Projects of Any Size


IT Awards: 3rd Nomination for A12 Low Code Platform – Engineered in Germany

Model-Driven Software Engineering

A12 – a future-proof low code platform for the enterprise.
Open. Durable. Secure.

mgm ensures the independence, autonomy and data sovereignty of each customer and each bilateral relationship.
mgm technology partners is an international software company.

We offer an integrated service portfolio:
  • Enterprise project implementation
  • A12 Enterprise Low Code platform
  • Model-driven software engineering
More than 1000 colleagues at 19 international locations work for our mission
Innovation Implemented.
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Innovation Implemented.
Company brochure (PDF):
Public Sector
Platin: Readers' Choice Award 2023
mgm wins platinum in the consultant category for the third time!
1st place for MODUL-F
Jury selects MODUL-F for 1st place in the eGovernment competition 2022: Gold in the category "Best cooperation project 2022"
Second Low Code award in a row
Gold in the "Low Code / No Code" category at the Readers' Choice Awards 2023
BVDW Internet agency ranking: mgm again in 9th place
With reportable digital revenue of €79.5 million, mgm once again made it into 9th place and thus into the top 10 in the industry.
Enterprise Software Development

Model-driven Software Engineering

Our service portfolio supports the integrated implementation and maintenance of enterprise applications.

We take care of everything – from the idea to the realization.

Digitalization of complex business processes

mgm develops individual and sustainable enterprise solutions based on the principles of model-driven software engineering.

Typical usecases are systems for sales, administration, procurement, logistics or process management – for industries like retail, commercial insurance and the public sector.

Integrated services

mgm offers an integrated service portfolio based on our expertise in industrial software engineering. We take care of your digitalization projects – from the idea to the realization.


A12 is our core asset: The lowcode approach seamlessly integrates teams of business experts and software developers and accelerates the whole software engineering process.

We need open platforms instead of closed ecosystems. Customers need to rely on a sustainable and viable software solution.
The mgm A12 platform is designed as an open system that allows the greatest possible flexibility for long-term and sustainable usage.
Member of the Executive Board

Individual AI solutions

We offer customized AI-based solutions that we embed into your business processes to specifically increase productivity.
Our AI solutions are aimed atenterprise customers who want to implement a sustainable and scalable AI strategy.
AI Workshop
Are you looking for concrete approaches?
We build use cases and solutions
  • Modules: AI basics, AI strategy, AI examples
  • Target groups: Management, specialist area, IT, beginners, experts
  • Results Documents for use in the company
Location: At the customer / at an mgm location / remote
Max. Nr. of participants: 7
from € 9,000 *
AI Reality Check
Do you have ideas?
We evaluate and plan.
  • Business case creation
  • Development metric
  • Risk/reward assessment
  • Test data creation and evaluation
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Team Size: from 2 + 2 (customer / mgm)
from € 20,000/month *
AI Pilot
Do you want to implement specific use cases?
We deliver.
  • Implementation of a subject-specific use case
  • Optimization for customer use and target metrics (KPI)
  • Agile implementation
  • Support through change management & communication
Duration: 2-4 months
Team Size:
from 3 + 3 (customer / mgm)
from € 40,000/month *
AI Scale
You want to go corporate?
We roll out.
  • Scaling strategy, planning and support
  • Typical scenario: Scaling an AI pilot
  • Inclusive concepts, change management and communication
Duration: 6-12 months / accompanying
Team size: individual (PL, BA, Dev, DevOps...)
Individual agreement
AI Suite
Do you need secure technology?
We supply everything up to the infrastructure.
  • mgm AI Hosting
    from €2.000/month
  • mgm AI Knowledge Chat
    € 900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Email Assistant
    € 1.900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Dev Framework
    included with every license
Term: 12 months
Assessment: flat rate, depending on company size
Annual license (flat rate)
* all prices net plus VAT
Contact us for advice and your individual offer:

Jan Jikeli
Head of AI

mgm insights

Low Code A12
A12 Product News 2023.06-ext4-5
Highlights: A12 Content Management System, Global Search in SME, Notification Center 1.0.0, A12 Extensions for Camunda Modeler, Performance Improvements
Mastering Complexity: Model-Based Software Development for Enterprise Software
In the development of complex and long-lasting enterprise software, there is a demand for solutions that are reliable and scalable throughout the entire lifecycle. One way to keep enterprise software flexible in the long term and manage increasing complexity is through model-based software development.
The Lord of Fields Awakens – Origin of the A12-Tools
The original concepts and early versions of a software often leave traces that remain visible even after years of further development. This also applies to our Enterprise Low Code Platform A12. But what did the beginnings of tool development look like? What continuities are there to this day? A software-archaeological look at our tool factory.
The principles of enterprise software engineering: expertise, standards and sustainable decisions
There are three key differences between programming and software engineering: time, scope, and the decisions involved. In software engineering, development teams have to deal more with the passage of time and the need for change.
mgm A12 showcases for enterprise low code applications
The A12 Property Tax Calculator is a showcase modeled using the A12 enterprise low code platform that can currently assist in determining property tax values from 2022 as well as property tax assessed amounts and property tax from 2025.
A12 Insights
Read more about A12-related Projects, Themes and Technology
Public Sector
The importance of European standards for German register modernization
Standards exist to unify and thus simplify processes. National and international standards are also used in public administration. With regard to the implementation of the Register Modernization Act (RegMoG), more and more stakeholders are calling for their use. The Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDG Regulation) stipulates the upgrading and connection of registers not only at national but also at European level.
Creating sustainable structures in public administration with digital consulting
In public administration, there are many services and projects that are supported by external consultants, and not only due to a lack of resources. But what should this collaboration ideally look like so that, at the end of the project, the administration is able to work sustainably with the structures created? We provide insights into our work and our consulting services for public software projects.
eGovernment Readers' Choice Award: mgm wins platinum in the consultant category for the third time
The success story continues: mgm is able to build on the success of the previous two years and once again receives the coveted Platinum Award in the Consultant category. With the annual presentation of its prestigious award, Vogel-IT's eGovernment Computing trade magazine honors exceptional performance in the field of digital administration.
Live after 14 months: Chambers of Tax Consultants create central application portal
Communication with the Chambers of Tax Consultants has become much easier for the more than 100,000 members: Since September 19, they have been able to use 24 uniform administrative services online in a new application portal. mgm supports the chambers in implementing the OZG project.
einfachELSTER: Income tax declaration in ten minutes
There are about six million taxpayers of retirement and pension age. They also have to file an income tax return if their annual income exceeds the basic allowance. With the new einfachELSTER service of the tax administration in the KONSENS project, there is now a special online service: with the service, many pensioners and retirees can complete their electronic tax return in just a few steps.
Public Sector Insights
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Retail & Commerce
Podcast: The logistics and supply chain management of the future
How can companies in e-commerce offer their customers a smooth customer journey and also save time and resources through efficient logistics and supply chain management? Marc Braun, logistics specialist at mgm, answers these and other questions. In addition, he reveals what modern supply chain management must look like and the approach mgm uses to support its customers.
mgm chooses partnership with leading marketplace solution provider Mirakl
mgm technology partners GmbH has announced a new partnership with Mirakl, the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. Thanks to its leading technology, expertise and ecosystem, Mirakl enables over 300 of the world’s most trusted brands to launch, scale, and curate online marketplaces with ease.
mgm ranks firmly in the top ten of the BVDW Internet agency rankings
Sometimes the financial figures are terrific, but the financial of others are even better. Sometimes this improves the ranking, sometimes not. A mix applies to mgm in the BVDW Internet Agency Ranking 2022 published today: reportable digital revenues have increased by 34 percent, but it remains in 9th place. Once again, it is evident that the number and scope of digitalisation projects continue to increase and the overall market is growing strongly.
Retail Insights
Read more about Commerce-related Projects, Themes and Technology
Industrial Insurance
What is Low Code in commercial insurance? An overview.
The presentation (in german langauge) recorded at the CosmoHub event offers insights into the concept of low-code development and its application in the insurance industry. Software development in commercial insurance faces unique challenges due to high customisation and low transaction volume. The (enterprise) low-code approach combines custom software development with low-code functionality in an integrated, secure and robust way. This enables departments without in-depth IT knowledge to participate in application development and comply with organisational processes.
A network instead of a platform: Digital commercial insurance 5.0?
In this presentation (in german language) recorded at the event CosmoHub on June, 15th 2023, Ansgar Knipschild, Solution Manager at mgm, discusses the concept of digital networks in industrial insurance and highlights their significance over traditional platforms.
FAQ: Collective settlements (Bordereau) in commercial insurance
This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about collective settlements respectively collective lists of premiums between market partners in industrial insurance. What is a bordereau? And how can the complex process of collective settlements be automated for insurers, brokers and MGAs?
Whitepaper: Efficient digitization of commercial insurance with low code
Digitise portfolios and processes quickly and efficiently with low code: Distribution, underwriting, inventory management, claims.
Low Code for Commercial Insurance: New Podcast
In many industries, low-code platforms are seen as the future when it comes to software development. In the enterprise segment, too. How can such tools be used in the industrial insurance business?
Commercial Insurance Insights
Read more about Commercial Insurance-related Projects, Themes and Technology

Exceptional people.

At mgm we live our projects and our values:

The only thing we are more proud of than our applications is our team. All the dedicated, smart and friendly people who work here. Our collaboration is characterized by personal appreciation for people.

We live our projects and develop enterprise software that sustainably advances our customers. We are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied and work on our projects with commitment and enthusiasm.

We develop innovative solutions and implement them reliably in existing IT landscapes. We define our success by the number of systems put into production and their contribution to the business success of our customers.

mgm is a commercial enterprise and not a political institution. Nevertheless, the following commitment is worth communicating:
  • mgm is committed to the democratic system and its associated legal basis, in particular the articles of the German Basic Law.
  • Furthermore, we support the European idea and believe in the universal value of the UN Charter of Human Rights of 1948.
  • For us, this represents the basis of our successful business activities over the last 30 years, which is worth protecting.
Who we work for:
We define our success by the number of systems put into production and their contribution to the business success of our customers.

Memberships and cooperations

Verband der mittelständischen IT-Dienstleister und Softwarehersteller für den öffentlichen Sektor e.V.
Institut für Digitalisierung im Steuerrecht
Infrastrukturfür die Verifikation von Identitätsdaten
Nationales E-Government Kompetenzzentrum
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
Expertennetzwerk für Softwarequalität

Motivated, cooperative, talented. We live for our projects.