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Search results, statistics, meta data - on a website or in a web-based software the most diverse information must be represented according to the Corporate Design. It is important to ensure good software ergonomics and extensive accessibility as well as functional arrangement and an appealing design.

We implement graphic requirements in the software development process and web design and pay attention to an optimally coordinated presentation as well as a comprehensive accessibility. Together with our business partners, we work out a solution that fits the respective project and the project budget and decide together which options and focal points are to be used. We provide a selection of design services for this purpose. Without close cooperation with the specialist departments of our customers, however, the migration projects would not be feasible, which is why a realistic planning basis has to be created for a very large number of project participants. As an alternative to standard tools (informatica, Assential), we offer the use of our developed data migration tool for data mapping in preparation for migration. During the migration process we are experienced in quality
assurance (e.g. check digit procedures) and can also reliably carry out manual migration steps for complex data areas.


mgm technology partners are not an advertising agency but a software company. Nevertheless, design is not a foreign word for us. In addition to accessibility and ergonomics, the third focus of our design services is on design. Following the approach of the renowned industrial designer Dieter Rams, we want to make all our products speak for themselves through their design. We design styleguide-compliant layouts for our business partners, visualize workflows and develop representative drafts. If there is no style guide for a project, we create specially tailored drafts based on the requirements and the corporate design, which make the respective software solution or website speak for itself.


A12 Plasma Design - UI / UX for Business Software

As part of the A12 project, mgm is driving plasma design forward - a sophisticated UI/UX standard specially designed for business applications. Plasma Design offers a modern look & feel and accelerates the development of user interfaces and interaction processes. The A12 tools enable analysts and technical experts to create robust and production-ready surfaces.

Please visit our A12 website for more information.