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Software projects often bring about noticeable changes: they may interfere with employees' everyday work through automated processes or even enable completely new business approaches. In view of these often serious consequences, scepticism and distrust on the part of stakeholders are not only understandable at first glance, but also expected hurdles that a project must overcome again and again in the course of its life cycle from planning to successful completion.  

A professional project marketing is therefore an effective instrument to avoid these stumbling blocks. Regardless of whether top management is convinced of the strategic relevance of a project idea, whether project participants are to be integrated into the implementation or outsiders are to be informed - with the help of suitable measures, it is possible to build up an understanding of the necessity of the project and increase its acceptance within one's own company with a manageable use of resources.

mgm supports you in mastering this complex communication task. In all process steps, we provide you with precisely prepared content that presents your project and its benefits in an understandable way. From text modules, graphics and presentations to videos, we produce the ideal formats for your project marketing in all communication channels and in the language of all hierarchical levels. We help you to place your project in the consciousness of your colleagues - and thus ensure the success of your project.







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