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Since its initial release in 2002, the Spring Framework has become the de facto standard for developing Java Enterprise applications. In particular, its extensive ecosystem (such as Spring Boot and Spring Security) ensures an open, efficient development framework for Java applications.

In the constantly spinning wheel of front-end development frameworks, Angular JS and React are our "constants", ensuring cross-project exchange - from MV* patterns to efficient DOM modifications.

For this reason, both frameworks have also become core components of the mgm A12 front-end architecture, where they have a decisive influence on the design of our components, widgets and model-driven engines.


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Lafarge Cement (OPTERRA)

Individual sales deployment planning tailored to customer needs by providing sales quantity-oriented customer values.
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Co-design of a service-oriented development platform as the basis for Postbank's new generation of sales applications




Development of a Java (EJB) application server