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Authentication and secure portal access

The authentication service authega is a solution for the secure access to online portals, which covers in particular the security requirements in the public environment. It can be used both for specialist procedures in intranet applications and as an access system for Internet applications.

authega offers the following essential functionalities:

  • Configurable registration process (prepared for registration with electronic identity card).
  • Key and certificate generation (soft certificate, token/USB stick, smart card).
  • Lifecycle management for certificates and options for adding authentication / electronic signature and encryption of forms in portal applications.

authega is open for integration into portal-based specialist services with different protection needs in the sense of a generic solution (by changing the secret used for secure registration).

Reliable access security is ensured by various components:

  • Login with crypto token
  • Secure authentication
  • Electronic Signature
  • encoding
  • Integrated key/certificate management

The authentication service authega was developed in the ELSTER project, which has been productive since 2001 and is the most successful e-government application in Germany. The ELSTER authentication process has proven with millions of electronic certificates issued that secure authentication and user acceptance do not have to contradict each other.


Bavarian State Office for Taxes

E-government implemented - Successful implementation of the requirements of an e-government portal.
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