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Duration: 90 min.


The sales processes of insurance companies in the industrial and commercial sector are individual with regard to their procedures and the risk protection offered by the insurer. In this respect, the development of a standard system poses a challenge in two respects:

  • The establishment of standardized processes for highly diverse lines of business, such as liability and property insurance.
  • Charging the standard processes with different products and the necessary specialist functions without suffocating in functional overhead.

Martin reports on technical challenges in the interaction of product machine and standard processes and how these could be solved with the approach chosen in mgm Cosmo.


Head of Application Development, Quality Manager, Architecture, Project Manager, Engineers


Martin Backschat
Dipl. Informatiker
mgm Lead Architect


by e-mail: Martin Backschat
by phone: +49 (0) 89 35 86 80 258


Martin is experienced in the conception of large administrative systems in the public sector and in insurance companies. Most recently, he played a key role in our projects at HDI-Gerling Industrie and Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Martin is also one of the fathers of the mgm Architecture Initiative 2012 (A12).

Martin Backschat

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