Organizing teams and processes
for enterprise software development

Innovative software development is also based on the intelligent use of suitable tools. mgm technology partners therefore relies on Atlassian tools as an Atlassian partner for its modern development processes.
On the basis of twenty years of development practice and project experience from waterfall to agile, we provide customers with individually tailored Atlassian know-how.
Knowledge for efficient teamwork in one place.
Plan and track any company project.
JIRA Service Management
User-friendly service desk based on JIRA.
Bring all your tasks, teammates and tools together.
One of the reasons why our engineers can develop, consult and implement with Atlassian tools in a virtuoso manner is that the entire daily project handling and documentation as well as the control of all company-internal processes have been controlled internally by mgm for many years using a sophisticated ticket type and workflow system with Confluence and JIRA. We master configuration!

We are also so familiar with the topic of infrastructure that we can increase the degree of automation many times over with customised plug-ins and interfaces for the tools JIRA and Confluence.

Who we are

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From the more straight forward cloud migration to the more complicated migrations from multiple 3rd party systems into multiple new or existing Atlassian systems, we can help make sure your data gets to the right place and gets to work for you.

License Sales and Management


You need licenses for Atlassian products or want to renew existing licenses? We offer licenses at € prices and help you with all questions and requests regarding your licenses.

Application consulting and workshops


You want to introduce an Atlassian product or you are already in the evaluation and have questions about the application or the possibilities of the products? We help you find the best solution for you and answer all your questions about the products and the different application possibilities.

Implementation and rollout


You need help implementing application capabilities and rolling out Atlassian products across your organization? We can help you implement the most effective implementation and then roll it out across your organization.

Configuration consulting and optimization


You have been using Atlassian products for some time and now want to implement new application possibilities or optimize the existing configuration? We help you to introduce new application possibilities with the existing specifications and optimize their configuration wherever necessary.

Verification of the security of your systems in operation and configuration


You maintain all your knowledge and planning around your business in Atlassian products and now you want to check if this knowledge and planning is secure? We can help you find out how secure your systems are and help you increase security as much as possible.

Training for users and administrators


Do you want to train the users of your Atlassian products in general use, or in the use of specific implementations in your systems? We help you to train all users in a sustainable way. You want to train the administrators of your Atlassian products and make them more familiar with the Atlassian products? We help you to teach your administrators all configuration options and their advantages and disadvantages.

Plugin Development


Do you have special requirements for your Atlassian products that cannot be mapped with existing plugins? We develop custom plugins for you that provide the functionality you need and update them for every update you make.


Development of Apps for Jira and Confluence

The Atlassian tools come with a lot of excellent, usable features. This is shown by the success in the market in very different usage scenarios. But it is also always necessary to add more functions to the systems by using apps (formerly called plugins or add-ons). This is the only way to meet the requirements that are indispensable for the respective application.

Atlassian Marketplace

The Marketplace is therefore a very good way to search for such functional extensions. We support our customers in selecting the right apps, taking into account the functions, but also the stability etc. of the respective manufacturer. mgm has extensive experience and knowledge of the market to assist in this decision-making process.

mgm Apps

mgm is also present on the Marketplace. In 2018, we started to develop apps and market them on the Marketplace:

Hierarchical Calculation Field
Sum up values from multiple numeric fields and transfer the result from the sub-task to the parent issue


Smart Panels for JIRA
Get more from Jira and Confluence by providing issue-sensitive data when working on a Jira issue!

Create smart panels to display issues based on self-configured filters. Replace the Jira standard workflow diagram with your own customized graphic.

Link Workflow Graphic for JIRA
Replace the Jira standard workflow diagram with your own customized graphic


Confluence Browse People Permission
Enhanced Data Access Control: Restrict Searches, @Mentions, and People Directory. Securely Manage User Information.


Development of customized apps

Nevertheless, there are always functions that cannot be purchased in this way. In this case, the development of an individual app is the appropriate way to provide such functions. Application scenarios for such apps often include synchronization with a neighboring system in the customer's IT landscape via individual interfaces. However, functions that are only useful in a very specific environment cannot be found in the marketplace and can therefore be easily added via such a development. The spectrum of possible functional extensions ranges from additions and adaptations in the environment of the underlying algorithms to the individualization of the user interface.

This puts the user in a position to provide additional functions that are indispensable for company- or industry-specific use. This expands the possible range of applications for the tools in a diverse and far-reaching way.

The development of such apps is not witchcraft. Based on our knowledge of the underlying framework and our many years of experience, development can usually be accomplished with clearly defined and manageable effort.