A12-COSMO – AI Assisted Commercial Insurance Platform

The only platform for the entire value chain in commercial insurance.


Commercial Insurance Platform
We are experts in complex industrial and commercial business. mgm A12-COSMO is the only platform for underwriting, sales and operations that digitizes your entire value chain. Based on the A12 Enterprise Low Code Platform - for even more flexibility in your individual applications.
Customized products and processes
Product modeling without code
High security for your data
AI assisted

For speed and efficiency

Speed up your processes
With Cosmo, you can speed up your individual work processes in underwriting, quotation/contract preparation, claims management, billing and renewal by up to 90%.
Speed up your digitization project
Thanks to ready-made templates that can be quickly adapted to your individual needs without any programming knowledge, products and processes can go live in just a few weeks.

A12-COSMO Feature Highlights

With over 10 years of development work, Cosmo offers a comprehensive list of functions for various user groups that collaborate digitally via a common platform: Forbrokers, underwriters, claims managers and accountants.

A12-COSMO AI Suite

  • Comprehensive Suite of AI solutions:
    Cosmo AI Hosting, Cosmo AI Knowledge Chat, Cosmo AI Assistant, Cosmo AI Framework
  • Data transfer, comparison and analysis
  • Automation, efficiency and speed - even for your existing applications
  • Locally hosted AI models:
    By you, mgm or your cloud provider
  • Guided approach with consulting and training
  • 100% secure, private, EU-GDPR compliant

A12-COSMO functional areas

Who we work for
We define our success by the number of systems put into production
and their contribution to the business success of our customers.

Insights Commercial Insurance

What is Low Code in commercial insurance? An overview.
The presentation (in german langauge) recorded at the CosmoHub event offers insights into the concept of low-code development and its application in the insurance industry. Software development in commercial insurance faces unique challenges due to high customisation and low transaction volume. The (enterprise) low-code approach combines custom software development with low-code functionality in an integrated, secure and robust way. This enables departments without in-depth IT knowledge to participate in application development and comply with organisational processes.
A network instead of a platform: Digital commercial insurance 5.0?
In this presentation (in german language) recorded at the event CosmoHub on June, 15th 2023, Ansgar Knipschild, Solution Manager at mgm, discusses the concept of digital networks in industrial insurance and highlights their significance over traditional platforms.
FAQ: Collective settlements (Bordereau) in commercial insurance
This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about collective settlements respectively collective lists of premiums between market partners in industrial insurance. What is a bordereau? And how can the complex process of collective settlements be automated for insurers, brokers and MGAs?
Whitepaper: Efficient digitization of commercial insurance with low code
Digitise portfolios and processes quickly and efficiently with low code: Distribution, underwriting, inventory management, claims.
Low Code for Commercial Insurance: New Podcast
In many industries, low-code platforms are seen as the future when it comes to software development. In the enterprise segment, too. How can such tools be used in the industrial insurance business?
Commercial Insurance Insights
Read more about Commercial Insurance-related Projects, Themes and Technology
ID Industrieversicherung Digital
The podcast “Industrieversicherung Digital” is an initiative for an open exchange about the digitalization of industrial and commercial insurance: insurers, brokers, customers and IT in direct dialogue.

Individual AI solutions

We offer customized AI-based solutions that we embed into your business processes to specifically increase productivity.
Our AI solutions are aimed atenterprise customers who want to implement a sustainable and scalable AI strategy.
AI Workshop
Are you looking for concrete approaches?
We build use cases and solutions
  • Modules: AI basics, AI strategy, AI examples
  • Target groups: Management, specialist area, IT, beginners, experts
  • Results Documents for use in the company
Location: At the customer / at an mgm location / remote
Max. Nr. of participants: 7
from € 9,000 *
AI Reality Check
Do you have ideas?
We evaluate and plan.
  • Business case creation
  • Development metric
  • Risk/reward assessment
  • Test data creation and evaluation
Duration: 4-6 weeks
Team Size: from 2 + 2 (customer / mgm)
from € 20,000/month *
AI Pilot
Do you want to implement specific use cases?
We deliver.
  • Implementation of a subject-specific use case
  • Optimization for customer use and target metrics (KPI)
  • Agile implementation
  • Support through change management & communication
Duration: 2-4 months
Team Size:
from 3 + 3 (customer / mgm)
from € 40,000/month *
AI Scale
You want to go corporate?
We roll out.
  • Scaling strategy, planning and support
  • Typical scenario: Scaling an AI pilot
  • Inclusive concepts, change management and communication
Duration: 6-12 months / accompanying
Team size: individual (PL, BA, Dev, DevOps...)
Individual agreement
AI Suite
Do you need secure technology?
We supply everything up to the infrastructure.
  • mgm AI Hosting
    from €2.000/month
  • mgm AI Knowledge Chat
    € 900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Email Assistant
    € 1.900/month + hosting
  • mgm AI Dev Framework
    included with every license
Term: 12 months
Assessment: flat rate, depending on company size
Annual license (flat rate)
* all prices net plus VAT
Contact us for advice and your individual offer:

Jan Jikeli
Head of AI

A12-Cosmo: Develop products and apps
by yourself - without coding

For enterprises who build their own business critical software applications.
Benefits: Efficiency, independence and a seamless integration with your individual development processes.
More information about the A12 Enterprise Low Code Plattform

Modern, open tech stack

Meet the team

  • We see ourselves as a long-term partner to digitize your processes and products in a joint team.
  • The mgm Cosmo team consists of more than 50 experts with many years of experience in the industrial business: underwriters, business analysts, software developers.
  • The mgm A12 team keeps the Cosmo platform at the cutting edge of technology and regularly updates the system with the latest innovations - from all mgm industries such as e-commerce and public sector.


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