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We enable the federal, state and local governments to fully digitize their services.


Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) in tax administration.


einfachELSTER: Income tax declaration in ten minutes


MODUL F: An A12 based toolkit for digital public administration

Our contribution to the digital sovereignty of public organisations.

As IT consulting and software development company, we address customer needs in terms of architecture, technologies and software implementation.

With our enterprise low code platform A12, we are also establishing a basis for the large scale improvement of administrative applications in Germany.

A12 Low Code Platform as Building Block for Federal and State Government Organisations

  • Modernization of registries
  • Administrative procedures
  • Online services

Authorities need partners

  • Developing government applications togetherwith specialist departments
  • Implementing and using agile methods and models
  • Dealing with rapid change
  • Discuss and develop innovations with the public sector

Over 200 experts, consultants, business analysts and developers focus on public administration since 2006

Administrative services must become even simpler and faster in the future.

We are creating positive digital experiences for employees in the public administrations, as well as for citizens and companies in Germany.

Bereichsleiter Public Sector

Our Topics


The construction kit for digital administration

MODUL-F is aimed at the entire German administration. Pilot projectswill initially be launched at the federal level by the end of 2022. From 2023 onwards administrations will be able to use the platform for administrative procedures.


DIgital TAx

Elster is a project launched in 1996 by German tax administrations of all states and the federal government toprocess tax returns and tax registrations via the Internet. The nationwide coordinator of the project is the Bavarian State Tax Office in Munich.

EfA: OZG-Cloud


With the OZG-Cloud, the municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein are provided with a tool with which they can process administrative requests from online services in their administration. The application is developed as one-for-all service (EfA).

Citizen Service 4.0


Strategy development
IT Management(Agile) Transformation Management
Change and Communication
Individual Software Development
Online services
Administrative procedures
Authentication / authega
Company and user accounts
Lowcode platform
Model-based development
Management portals
Forms and public service applications


Memberships and cooperations

Nationales E-Government Kompetenzzentrum
Verband der mittelständischen IT-Dienstleister und Softwarehersteller für den öffentlichen Sektor e.V.
Institut für Digitalisierung im Steuerrecht
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
Infrastrukturfür die Verifikation von Identitätsdaten
In the future, the population and companies will expect a smart experience with digital administrative services.

Public authorities can achieve the necessary digital sovereignty through appropriate systems and know-how.“

Roland Kreutzer
Partner und Leiter Beratung Public Sector
Who we work for:
We define our success by the number of systems put into production and their contribution to the business success of our customers.

Public sector insights

Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) in tax administration.
How can paper-based certificates in tax administration be quickly and easily replaced by a digital solution in the ELSTER environment? This question has been investigated by the project "Proof Platform ELSTER Self-Sovereign Identities" (in short: NESSI) of the Bavarian State Tax Office.
einfachELSTER: Income tax declaration in ten minutes
There are about six million taxpayers of retirement and pension age. They also have to file an income tax return if their annual income exceeds the basic allowance. With the new einfachELSTER service of the tax administration in the KONSENS project, there is now a special online service: with the service, many pensioners and retirees can complete their electronic tax return in just a few steps.
MODUL F: An A12 based toolkit for digital public administration
The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is launching the MODUL-F digital construction kit, a joint project commissioned and funded by the federal government to drastically simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of internal software applications for the administration.
NEGZ elects new board - mgm expert Roland Kreuzer is on board
The National E-Government Competence Center e. V. (NEGZ) has a new board team and an adapted organizational structure since yesterday. The general meeting in Berlin also elected Roland Kreutzer, Partner and Head of Public Sector at mgm consulting partners.
NEGZ study: Potential for process mining in public administration
The digitization of German government agencies now has a wide range of solutions: from analog forms that are digitized quickly and 1:1, to completely rethought services and processes. But how well these work is often not clear. A new short study by the National E-Government Competence Center examines the potential of process mining.
mgm nominated again for the eGovernment Computing Awards
As the defending champion from last year mgm is once again up for election for the “eGovernment Computing Readers Choice Award”.

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